WHO WOULD I BE, IF…… Intuitive Painting with Donna

“Explore what is calling you, what energizes you, where this calling might lead and who you might become.”fullsizerender

If you haven’t met her yet, we introduce you to Donna Papenhausen, Expressive Arts Florida Institute graduate, gifted artist and teacher. Donna’s recent exhibit – “The Ladies Who Live in My Head – and other flights of fancy” – has inspired her next series of classes, beginning Jan. 16.  I have registered for the class, and I invite and recommend that you join in! I recently talked to Donna about her process and her path. Kathleen Horne, Expressive Arts Florida Institute


Kathleen: Donna, your recent exhibit was so magnificent! We were fortunate to have all those powerful “ladies” as guides, in our space, during November and December. Those paintings have inspired many, and we are delighted that you are teaching another series. I can’t wait! Can you tell me about your new class?

Donna: Yes, in my new class, Intuitive Painting I, “Who Would I Be If…Seeking A Vision for Your Life Path,” participants will explore what is calling them, what energizes them, where this calling might lead and who they might become.

Kathleen: Sounds like a meaningful exploration, as well as an art class. What processes will you use?

Donna: As we use collage, guided meditation, intention setting and making a large, acrylic painting we will access our creativity, and our deep wisdom to discover possibilities for our life path. We will see In our mind’s eye a vision of the person we might call into reality. We will discover those actions, events, and characteristics we want to activate in our life and symbolize all of it on a painting to use as a visible reminder of where our path can take us.

Kathleen: I am really looking forward to being in your class this time. Do participants need to be experienced artists?

Donna: Often I’m asked if participants need to have prior experience in drawing or painting. My reply is , “No prior art experience is necessary!” I will guide you through the process – making my own painting along the way -so you will see each step. While you may follow my outlines, I encourage you to use the process to follow your own unique vision. As a recent participant who had never painted said, ” I didn’t think I could ever paint something this wonderful! I just love my painting and have hanging in my home where I can see it all day!”


Kathleen: Could you say something about how you developed this process?

Donna: My technique came about in an interesting way. I’ve been an artist and art teacher for many years, even when my calling lead me into ordained ministry. Upon retiring and completing my Expressive Arts training here at Expressive Arts Florida Institute, I opened a studio. At one point I found myself filling the walls with pictures of women. They were caricature-ish and reflected different types of women. Soon after I began to explore SoulCollage, a process that reveals facets of your personality; what Carl Jung calls Archetypes. Then Pat B. Allen, noted Expressive Arts Therapist and author, led a seminar on Archetypes here in Sarasota. I began to paint the Archetypes that were revealed in my Soul Collage cards. Then I discovered Shiloh Sophia.

Shiloh Sophia is an artist and teacher in California who teaches the process she calls Intentional Creativity. I have been studying with her for the past year. It is a process that speaks to my heart and soul and is available to everyone, artist and non- artist alike.  Shiloh enables access to deep wisdom through word, image, and meditation. I’m currently studying with her to receive certification in the Intentional Creativity process.

It had been said that when the student is ready the teacher appears. I have been blessed with many wonderful teachers in my artistic journey and it seems that Kathleen,Victoria, Tamara, Pat B. Allen, and Shiloh Sophia have all contributed to the process I will share with you in my class on January 16 and 23 from 6:00-9:00 pm.

Thanks Donna! I love witnessing your unfolding journey.

Here are the class details:                                                                             


Series 1:

Mondays: January 16 & 23, 6:00-9:00pm:
Theme: “Who Would I Be If…seeking a vision for my life path”

Series 2:

Mondays: February 6&13, 6:00-9:00pm
Theme: “Finding Inspiration – Listening to Your Muse”

Each series of 2 classes is $120 (bring own supplies) or $150(supplies provided)

Email Donna to register

Supply list: acrylic paints in your favorite colors plus black, white and gloss medium, flat and round paintbrushes, some inexpensive bristle and some flat and round synthetic fiber, a spray bottle, charcoal, paper towels , a journal, a pen or pencil, a large container for water to clean brushes, 18×24 canvas or larger, optional:gold paint, glitter. 

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