Tuition Rates & Payment Schedule


LEVEL ONE Core Courses:

*PLEASE NOTE: Tuition and fee increase will be going into effect March 1, 2022. New tuition rates will be posted by February 7, 2022.

LEVEL ONE Core Courses:

*EAFI 100 (Creative Wisdom Self-Study course) $297.00

*EAFI 110 $925.00 + supply fee

*EAFI 120 $925.00 + supply fee

*EAFI 130 $925.00 + supply fee

LEVEL TWO Core Courses:

*EAFI 210 $925.00 + supply fee

*EAFI 220 $925.00 + supply fee

*EAFI 230 $925.00 = supply fee

Due to COVID-19, core courses are being offered live online. Each student will receive some specialized supplies in the mail and will be provided with a list of additional supplies to have ready. 

New MENTORING Fees go into effect March 1, 2022.

*EAFI 240 (Internship/Final Project) $995.00

This course includes:

*6 week online forum with individualized mentoring (min. 3 faculty instructors)

*2 group Conference calls.

*EAFI 250 (Supervised Clinical Practicum) $1325

This is offered to students who are practicing mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, or professional counselors. It may be taken by these students either as an alternative to EAFI 240, or, if desired, in addition for EAFI 240.

*EAFI Final Certificate Completion Review $175.00 due the last day of the EAFI 240 course

*Our Application Fee: $175.00


Full Payment Option: 1

With this option, full program tuition for all core courses is required to be ”paid in full” 60 days prior to the first course, or when the student registers for their first course if it is within the 60-day period.

Students choosing this option are eligible to receive a 10% discount* on all required core courses.

*10% only applies to core courses. It does not include Creative Wisdom,  Mentoring, Final Certificate Review, or any fees that may arise for classes taken as elective credit or late fees of any kind.

Pay as you Go Option: 2

Registration using the “Pay as you Go Option” is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Due to the flexibility of enrollment in our courses, a student’s registration is fully secured only by paying tuition in full for the course. Since some courses reach maximum capacity, and could be wait-listed, early payment is advised.

*Tuition paid after registration date will incur a late fee of $30.00.

Consult Admissions Office for additional information on possible financial hardship payment plans.

Additional Fees

• Elective Tuition: Total cost for Electives will vary depending on each student’s elective choices, course content, length, and location.

• *Final Certificate Review fee: $175.00

EAFI acknowledges that hardship situations do occasionally occur. Please contact the Financial Liaison to discuss your situation prior to Tuition due dates. We will do everything we can to assist you in your continuation of the program but cannot guarantee a resolution.

Payment plan options will be discussed upon request. Please contact the Admissions Office.

Tuition rates & payment schedule subject to change.