Tips for Using Zoom for Webinars and Workshops

Here is a list of tips for how to get the best video/audio quality with Zoom classes. Please do try these suggestions (and keep this document handy in case you have technical issues).


To prep your computer:

  • Close everything that is open (everything) – save and close out of all word and Excel docs, close down iTunes, Skype, and whatever applications you usually run.
  • Quit all applications except the Zoom application (the Zoom program needs as much CPU — computer processing power – as it can get to function optimally).
  • Once you are in the class, you can also quit (close down) whatever browser you were originally using to access the meeting (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).


Each participant’s in-class experience depends on their own connectivity / bandwidth.

  • If it is possible to do so, switch from a Wireless to a Wired Internet connection.
  • If you are using wireless Internet, make sure you are close to the router so that you have the strongest signal possible.
  • If possible make sure there are no other devices ON in your home that could cause wireless interference – this includes other computers, cell phones, iPad, etc. Other phones are fine if they are not using wifi.
  • If possible turn OFF your iPhone and other devices – or at the very least disconnect them from the Internet-wifi (this will increase the available bandwidth).
  • If you know that you do not have a strong Internet signal, you will do best to call into the meeting (call in using a landline if possible). The instructions for calling in are available once you are in the class. The steps involve
    1. Go to audio icon and “Use phone audio”
    2. Call the number provided using a land line (preferably) or cell phone. (you are given a call in number and a meeting id and participant id to enter when you make the call)


We highly recommend you sign into the meeting 5 minutes ahead of time to make sure that you’ve got a good connection and everything is working.  Tamara will be able to verify your sound connectivity before the class begins .


We suggest you PRINT out this checklist to have handy before each session.


Thank you all for being so patient as we dance with technology … Blessings!