“Expressive Arts Florida Institute has a great team of passionate, creative and knowledgeable faculty members. Their training programs provides up-to-date learning at intellectual skill, intrapersonal and interpersonal levels. Through first-hand experiential art-making, students can have a lived experience of applying arts as healing, therapy and education.” 


“Kathleen, Victoria and Tamara are such gracious hosts, wonderful models of joyful creative engagement and sparkling artists they inspire deep engagement balanced with a whole lot of fun!”


At a retreat for Parkinson’s family caregivers held at EAF’s gallery, Victoria, Kathleen, Tamara, and Elizabeth attended to our every need, making sure every one attending could experience what we came for – respite, relief, renewal. They gently set the stage and explained both the process and history of what we were about to do, delving into activities so balancing that each of us came through with renewed energy and perspective. Thank you!”
~ Susan Jackewicz, Manasota Parkinson’s Support Group

“The “retreat” at Expressive Arts Florida was a wonderful journey into a place of exploration and sense of discovery, the center provided a safe & nurturing space to express myself.”
~ Sharon Juraszek, Tommy Bahama

“Working with Expressive Arts Florida was an amazing experience for our staff .I would very highly recommend team building with these outstanding facilitators!”
~ Doreen Dziebak Benson, Sarasota Partnership for Children’s Mental Health

“I LOVED participating in Sacred Studio today. Wow! What an awesome space and lovely people to be with!”
~ Jane Keil Yoder

“Participating in the Flower of Life project was the highlight of the SCOPE Donor Appreciation Reception because it was an activity perfectly aligned with SCOPE’s mission: bringing individuals together to express themselves and celebrate the beauty of diversity.”
~ Julia Onnie-Hay, Project Assistant, Grassroots Leadership Initiative