ten steps to personal expressive arts practice

Ten Steps… (Kindle Book)

Ten Steps to a Personal Expressive Arts Practice: Developing Creative Life Skills to Enhance Well-Being [Kindle Edition]

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What is “Ten Steps to a Personal Expressive Arts Practice”? It is an easy-to-follow and in-depth guide, providing you with a comprehensive model for your personal practice with expressive arts.  It has everything you need. Each step is designed as an individual, stand-alone experience that you can explore on your own, with simple materials and limited space. While there is great flexibility in how much time you spend on each experience, most are designed for 15-40 minutes. They can be done in any order, and repeated often, as each time will elicit a different response. While these explorations are focused primarily on visual art and writing, you will be encouraged to try additional arts modalities to deepen your experience.

We invite you to try the processes, adapt them to your own needs, expand them or simplify them so that you can benefit from a deeper relationship with your own creative wisdom!