Intention Setting Online workshop


An Online Workshop in a self-study format


A beginning is an opening for surprises. Beginnings are new horizons that want
to be seen. What is the new horizon in you that wants to be seen?
John O’Donohue
We always have the option to begin, again.

For a milestone, a birthday, a new project, a New Year, or a threshold of any kind

Facilitators: Tamara Teeter Knapp, Kathleen Horne, Victoria Domenichello-Anderson


I extend a gentle and spacious compassion, to myself and others, equally.

Expressive Arts Florida faculty guides you to discover, create, craft, and work with an intention that will act as your personal inner compass.

Guided meditation * visual art-making  * writing *activation *creative community support

What you will need:
• Some very basic art materials
• A journal

What you will receive:

  • Video recording of a live Intention-Setting workshop
  • Guided meditation in both audio and written format
  • An opportunity to share your intention, if you choose,  and in the FB group.
  • A downloadable Intention Setting Guide, which you can use anytime you are beginning something new. It includes instructions, inspiring and helpful information, blessings, and journal prompts to activate your intention.
  • Ideas about how to use your journal to keep your intention alive.


For the past seven years, the annual Intention Setting hosted by Expressive Arts Florida has grounded and guided me. From a quiet field of all possibilities, I love the way we creatively explore, identify with, and then let go of what attribute(s) and practice(s) might support and nurture our best selves. Returning to our intention over and over again, in a journal, is  such a helpful, healing, expansive, and calming practice. For me, the annual intention is all about the journey – manifest, witness and learn. Powerful stuff.
Julia A.