Program Highlights


Intermodal Expressive Arts CertificateOur Intermodal Expressive Arts Certificate Training Program is unique in many ways. It is specifically designed to accommodate distance learning students and busy schedules. Many of our students come from all around the United States. We also have many international students. Here are some special features of our expressive arts certificate program:


  • Students only need to come to our Sarasota, FL location for 6 weekends, the rest is done online via Skype
  • Internships are done in own community with full support and feedback from¬†faculty and fellow students
  • Monthly one-on-one mentorship with faculty which allows further individualization of program. Each student gets exactly what they need and is guided along the way.
  • Collaborative teaching style: faculty co-created and co-facilitate all certificate courses
  • Student/faculty ratio 10:3
  • Students can enter the program at any point- they can start in January, April, or October
  • Students can go at their own pace- they can take one class or many classes at a time
  • Two faculty members are Registered Expressive Art Consultant Educators (REACE).
  • We provide individualized attention to our domestic and international students- helping them secure lodging, navigate the area, and allowing most work to be done in their own community.
Intermodal Expressive Arts Certificate Program
Working in dyads
Expressive Arts Certificate Training Program
Student Skype session

Please contact us if you have any questions about the Expressive Arts Certificate Training Program. We would love to work with you.