Personal Practice – More Inspiration from Tamara

We hope you are enjoying this series focusing on our Guiding Principles.
We are currently exploring this one, as we consider it foundational.
We believe that it is essential for the practitioner of Expressive Arts to be engaged in their own personal expressive arts practice.
A few days ago we shared Kathleen’s new 30-day practice and today we are offering you some more inspiration, this time from Tamara.
We encourage you to discover and grow a practice that works for you!
Moving my body and getting in touch with what is moving within me forms the basis of my personal practice. For me, it is about sensing and taking time to closely observe the next impulse. I pause, listen, and respond with my body, then with images, then with movement, then words, images, sound, then words. It is important for me to resist judgment and allow myself to be free to let it all out and go back and forth following the path of my creative thread. When I use this practice, the images come out through my movement and they reveal more about themselves as I proceed. I do not know where they are going, but I gain more and more insight into where I am coming from, which is grounding and nourishing and brings me to a place of peace.  – Tamara
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As you may know by now, we are preparing some new online course materials for you, to expand and deepen your understanding and experience with Expressive Arts. We are actively working on these new offerings, and we will be ready to announce the details very soon. We are building on our foundational online training: Creative Wisdom.

Creative Wisdom 8 week online Training in Intermodal Expressive Arts is the best, richest, most thorough, safe, clear, broad, and deep foundational introduction anyone could hope for, whether for personal or professional use, if you wish to begin or continue your exploration of Expressive Arts!   – Maureen O’Reilly, APRN

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In the meantime, we hope you are enjoying learning more about our guiding principles and how they can impact your practice and your life! With gratitude, Kathleen, Tamara, Victoria 

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