Our Services

“Creative Life Skills for Personal, Professional and Social Change”


  • Certificate Training Program in Expressive Arts
  • Creative Life Enrichment Program
  • Children’s Programs
  • Virtual workshops
  • Monthly Expressive Arts Community Networking
  • IMAGINE Project
  • Guest presenters
  • Contract services to bring Expressive Arts to your agency, facility, school, or group
  • Expressive Arts business and professional consultation
  • REAT Supervision
  • Conference Presentations
  • Speaking engagements
  • Community exhibits


What is your relationship to your own creativity? Are you nurturing that inner creative voice, or is it sitting somewhere on a back burner, minimized or even forgotten?
In your busy life, it can be a challenge to prioritize your creativity. Your creativity is your birth-right, something you were born with, something we all have. When you nurture it, your life is richer, fuller, and more balanced.  Click here for a full description.
Choose between a variety of options such as Touch Drawing, Bookmaking, Art as a Healing Practice, Mandala Club, Adult Art Camp, Painting Your Creative Edge, Dive-in weekend intensive, and more. Check our upcoming workshops here, and sign up for our e-news here.
No prior art experience is necessary.


Are you interested in deepening your personal expressive arts practice? Would you like to share expressive arts with others, and study to become a professional in the field?

Expressive Arts Florida Institute is a two-level Certificate Training program for those interested in pursuing the Expressive Arts as a professional path, whether integrating it into an existing career, or beginning a career in the expressive arts field. Click here for more information.Read more about it here.


Are you too far away to join in our workshops? Do you prefer to work in your own home or studio?

Participate in a small-group expressive arts workshop with us, from anywhere, via a live online connection. Check the schedule.


Through a rich program of guest presenter workshops and symposia, we host other leaders in the field in the Sarasota area community. Past and upcoming presenters include Pat B. Allen, Sally Atkins, Deborah Koff-Chapin, Harold McKinney, Mitchell Kossak, Shaun McNiff. Through a partnership with IEATA (International Expressive Arts Therapy Association) we co-sponsor regional events. Click here for information on A Weekend with Shaun McNiff, Jan. 30-31, 2016


The Expressive Arts Community is flourishing in southwest Florida. Our monthly networking meeting gives practitioners and those in training an opportunity to meet, share, and try out new ideas. Each session will offer a facilitated experience by a community member, as well as networking time. $10 Last Wed of each month Call or email to reserve your spot.


The IMAGINE Project is an ongoing worldwide collaborative art-for-social-action project that embraces the power of the imagination to effect change in the world.  Begun as an EAFI student project, it continues to evolve with the participation of a wide variety of groups and individuals around the world. Would you like to participate or involve your group? Check the FB page and send us an email.


Professional support and consultation is a must for those in this rapidly developing field. At Expressive Arts Florida, our team is available to provide guidance in the fields of therapy, healthcare, education, and more. Our services are available in person, by telephone, email, or Skype. Single or ongoing appointments are available. Call to discuss.

REAT (Registered Expressive Arts Therapist) SUPERVISION

Kathleen Horne provides supervision, in person and via Skype, for those seeking registration as a REAT, through IEATA (International Expressive Arts Therapy Association). kathleen@expressiveartsflorida.com


A collaborative art project is a wonderful addition to your event! We design projects appropriate to your setting and clientele. Conferences, festivals, waiting rooms, educational programs, and even parties are great settings for community art projects, and the finished piece can be hung in a place of honor and posted on your website. Some examples are collaborative mandalas, quilts, mosaics, and Flower of Life.


We specialize in transforming your space into one of healing and wellbeing. We will work with you, your staff, students, or residents, to design and collaboratively create a healing and restorative space. Let us show you our portfolio and discuss options, ideas and fees.  The possibilities range from a commissioned art work with a healing message, to a complete transformation of an environment.


Periodically we host a community art exhibit, including Touch Drawing and Mandala exhibits.