A Lifetime Healing and Transformational Practice

We believe that the creative process and art-making itself is healing and transformational. This is one of our Guiding Principles at Expressive Arts Florida Institute.

  • If we are engaging in creative activities – any creative engagement – we are healthier.
  • Just the creative or artistic act itself is healthy and powerful. If we add the component of loving witness (by ourselves or another) the positive effects are enhanced.
  • Living a creative life that includes the arts helps us to remember who we are.

As we continue to explore our Guiding Principles with you, we turn this time to Victoria, who shares what happened for her when she began her expressive arts journey. Her writing is excerpted from the Welcome Lesson of Creative Wisdom: Introductory Online Training in Expressive Arts.


I am remembering what it was like when I was introduced to Expressive Arts. I really had no idea about the journey it would take me on. I do recall being very excited and emotional. I felt like I was welcoming back an old friend – possibly a friend that I had left behind or dismissed a long time ago. As I sat with this, allowing my emotions to come full circle, it became clearer and clearer that that friend was me. I remembered her. The innocent young girl with a big voice, listening to music, singing and dancing away without a care in the world. The girl who wrote poetry and painted castles on her bedroom wall. A girl getting ready to follow her dreams and become all that she could be.

It’s funny. It wasn’t until I began my expressive arts training that I knew just how wise that girl was. As I contemplate my journey and all the insights and awarenesses that the creative process has brought me, I am absolutely sure that we all hold that inner wisdom within. The expressive arts process has led me to excavate many layers of my life. I have explored, and continue to explore, many unknowns. Countless transformations have occurred.  I met that young girl face to face right where she was. Right where we were. I am so grateful that all I had to do was show up and trust that what came to me through my images, writings and more, was exactly what I needed.

And, that is all you have to do to begin. Just show up.

The road doesn’t end.  It is a lifetime practice. The process is ongoing. I am so excited for each and every one of you!

Here is one of my images and accompanying writings that are part of this early journey. The image is entitled Guide Bird.

I am watching and listening….

I see and hear myself as….

I transition…

I walk through the archway towards the light leaving all that is dark behind me.

I bring with me only my inner wisdom, my outward compassion and the glow in my heart.

I am your guide bird.


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