The Power of You – Solar Plexus Chakra
The Power of You – Solar Plexus Chakra
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An Expressive Arts Workshop online, an EAFI Alumni Offering

with Jo-Ann Dellaposta

June 30, 1-4 pm edt


Through guided meditation, and an integration of Reiki, sound energy and expressive art modalities, an emphasis is placed on opening and balancing the 3rd Chakra.  Using visualization and projection, Reiki is sent to each participant during guided meditation. Reiki and sound healing are used to open and clear the chakra paths, making way for the creative expression of energy. Participants will engage with artmaking and writing and explore the Solar Plexus Chakra as the Power of YOU!

Participants will:

  • Release the blocks that stop you from experiencing your uniqueness
  • Keep the energy moving to utilize your personal power and strength
  • Feel confident and capable to be your individual, authentic self
  • Learn the steps necessary to keep this energy center clear and thriving
  • Simulate your learning through the various expressive art modalities, making your experience real and concrete

This 3 hour workshop includes…

  1. Welcome to the circle with a meaningful, personal item
  2. Guided movement expressing the Solar Plexus
  3. Writing prompt to process movement
  4. Guided meditation with Reiki support
  5. Art making and writing with sound energy support
  6. Witnessing and sharing
  7. Closing with sound energy balance

Jo-Ann holds a BFA and an MFA in Imaging Arts. She is a New York State certified art teacher and has taught students of all ages and skill levels for 30 years. Additionally, she has been a Reiki practitioner for 14 years and has recently become certified in crystal sound healing. She is a graduate of the EAFI Intermodal Expressive Arts Certificate Program and is currently pursuing her REACEĀ®. Jo-Ann designs and facilitates workshops that integrate the expressive arts, Reiki and sound healing for the empowerment and well being of her participants. She also combines energy work and intermodal expressive arts into her own personal practice. She can be found at JD Expressive Arts Studio.


Event registration closed.
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