Dreams: Expressive Art & Writing Retreat
Dreams: Expressive Art & Writing Retreat
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Half Day Retreat with Anne Hofland and Tamara Knapp

February 3, 2023

10 am-2 pm

In person – Room 9 at First Congretional Church, Sarasota



Dreams are a mysterious and fascinating part of our lives.  Some of us dream by night, some of us by day.  Dreams can offer insights into our daily lives, into our goals and aspirations, into our hopes for the planet. As we travel through the darkest time of the year back into the light, let us spend some time with our dreams. In this workshop, participants will engage in both expressive writing and art in response to prompts related to dreams, immersing ourselves in them and exploring them creatively. 

Everyone is inherently both a writer and an artist; everyone can create art using both words and simple art materials.  These creative activities can offer us a vehicle to better understand ourselves and each other, can empower us to find our voice and our vision, and can provide a transformative and healing experience. 

The writing activities in the workshop will follow the Amherst Writers and Artists method, based on the premise that everyone is a writer, and everyone deserves a safe environment in which to experiment and strengthen their writing voice.

No prior writing or art experience are necessary.

The workshop will consist of:

  • Prompts to guide your writing and art
  • Time to write and time to make art
  • The opportunity to share your work
  • The opportunity to listen and respond to each others’ stories, and to witness each others’ art
  • Sharing is always optional, and feedback is always positive.

Participants will need:

Writing paper/journal and pen/pencil

Art materials will be provided for you.

“I had no idea what heavy feelings I was holding back. What an honest, raw experience – full of pure love, non-judgment, and acceptance. A truly inspiring course that I would recommend over and over and over again. I will be back!” -Aly

guest facilitator Anne HoflandAnne Hofland is a regular member of our open studio sessions, and discovered expressive writing as a tool on her own healing journey. She integrates extensive personal experience with the Amherst Writers and Artists workshop method, her skills as an educator, and her training as a facilitator with the Toronto Writers Collective to provide an opportunity for participants to embark on an inner journey of exploration through writing. Anne has published work in three anthologies, as well as the Existere Journal of Arts and Literature, Open Minds Quarterly, and TravelScoop magazine.  She was a winner in the City of Toronto’s My City, My Six story competition, and earned honourable mention in the Ontario Poetry Society’s Pandemic Poetry competition. Anne has taught Expressive Writing in person at Expressive Arts Florida, and has adapted her program to an online format during this time of physical distancing.

Tamara Knapp

Tamara is co-founder and Core Faculty of Expressive Arts Florida Certificate Training Program and a Registered Expressive Arts Consultant Educator (REACE®). She serves as REACE® Co-Chair with the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association and is a National Certified Counselor working as a registered mental health counselor intern in the state of Florida. Tamara applies knowledge of creative drama, dance, movement, and visual art to her work with children and adults. She facilitates using each of these processes in a non-threatening, spontaneous, and fun way that helps participants construct a new understanding of themselves and those around them. She primarily teaches in the certificate training program and works with counseling clients utilizing expressive arts to help clients access their own inner knowing to initiate healing and positive growth.


1031 S Euclid Ave, Sarasota, FL 34237
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