The element of Water shows me the way

by Kathleen Horne

This image emerged in our last Tending the Creative Fire Virtual Mini-Retreat. Although very gentle in appearance, she brought me a powerful and lasting message from the energy of the element WATER.
This is the writing that emerged after the art-making:
I am created by water, and the tender fire grows within me, occupying the space of my heart.
I am encircled by the waters of life and those waters flow through me, and all around me.
Rather than arms I seem to have wings, or leaves, which allow me to balance and soar through life, as well as to tenderly enfold all that needs protection.
My eyes are closed, not to shut the world out, but to attend to the pulse of life within.
Although I am the embodiment of water, I appear to be firmly planted and steadily held, with new growth appearing within my roots.

My head is encircled by spirit and nature, and beams of creative energy radiate outwards.

If you rest your head against my heart, I will enfold you with my wings, whisper in your ear, and share my wisdom with you.
I was rather in awe at what I tapped into. Although just a quick painting, she now occupies a place of honor in my studio. I feel calmer, and in touch with my own wisdom and peace, whenever I look at her. She helps me to remember to look within, to reconnect with my own source of power.
The image alone would be powerful, without the words. And the words add so much, connecting, in a way, the unconscious and conscious realms. The words bring the message of the image into the cognitive realm, where I can make sense of it in my life.
The image and the words are inter-related. The words could not have come without the image first. And, in this case, the image likely would not have emerged without me engaging in some meditation and movement, before painting. The power of the process rests in its intermodal nature.
If you would like to join us virtually, to explore the arts, and yourself, in this way, we would love to welcome you and guide you!

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