Elective Credit Overview


Each student seeking Level One Certificate must successfully complete 20 contact hours of elective credit.  10 hours are fulfilled by completing the Creative Wisdom 8-week self-study course.


Each student seeking Level Two Certificate must successfully complete 20 contact hours of elective credit.(This requirement is in addition to the 20 hours of elective credit already required for Level One).


EAFI will publish a list of upcoming courses offered at EAFI that qualify for elective credit.

EAFI advisor will work with each student to assist them in selecting their elective credit hours to match their interests, and/or to personalize their training program in a way that fills any “gaps” in their prior education and/or training. (For example, a student with no background in human development may be directed toward an elective course in that subject).

Students may choose to seek their elective credits in their home communities or elsewhere.

Students must get approval from their EAFI mentor/advisor before choosing an off-site elective course.

Confirmation, from instructor, of successful course completion will be necessary for awarding elective credits.

Students will be required to submit a summary of their experience and learning for each elective course.