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Create Your Personal Expressive Arts Practice 4-week e-course

This 4-week e-course  was designed just for you.

You don’t have to face the blank page alone or wonder how to connect to your creativity anymore!

You will receive skillful instructions that ease you gently into a practice. If you have not done expressive arts before, don’t worry – we will guide you all along the way (no experience is necessary).

Create Your Personal Expressive Arts Practice 

gives you the creative support you need.

  • Structure and consistency. Every week, you will receive a new lesson with helpful and concrete suggestions from us. We keep track of the structure and give you what you need, when you need it, and you can sink into your practice, knowing that the next lesson will arrive to support you.

  • You will get a variety of practices and arts modalities– discover those that resonate most with you.

  • You don’t have to wait! You can begin today and work at your own pace.

  • Our sessions offer just the right balance of structure and freedom. You receive lots of guidance and have the freedom to choose your own materials and the specifics of your practice.

  • You decide the time you spend, the frequency of your practice, and whether you share, is all up to you.

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Create Your Personal Expressive Arts Practice

4-week e-course gives you:

  • 4 original lessons, each with a unique expressive arts practice that is do-able by anyone

  • 1 special bonus lesson

  • 2 audio guided meditations to assist you in sinking more deeply into your art-making

  • lots of ideas and inspiration

  • a private Facebook group for sharing and witnessing

Concrete and skillful instructions from experts in the field that ease you gently into a practice delivered right into your inbox weekly!

 $29 4-week e-course   

LESSON 1 (delivered today)
If you have received our complimentary opt-in gift, you will recognize
“In This Moment”.  We return to this core practice with some new
ideas for exploration. This is a basic, sustaining practice and we want
to encourage you to use it in an ongoing way.
LESSON 2 (delivered 7 days from today)
In this session, you will learn how to bring the modalities of movement
and music into your expressive arts practice. To embody change, we
must engage the body. Let us gently guide you.

LESSON 3 (delivered 14 days from today)
Playful, simple, surprising and wise. “Found Wisdom” is the name of
this week’s lesson.
LESSON 4 (delivered 21 days from today)
Let a new meditation guide you in a powerful centering practice. Explore the mandala.
BONUS WRAP-UP SESSION (delivered 28 days from today)
It’s time to take stock of your accomplishments. Although we recommend making expressive arts an ongoing practice, we will review where you have been, celebrate, and help you define what’s next for you.

Thank you for joining us!

Victoria, Tamara, Kathleen

Your Expressive Arts Florida Institute Team!