Collaborative Art-Making

In this series focusing on our Guiding Principles, this week we share a video of collaborative art-making. 

We believe in collaborative and community art making as a path to building relationships, community wellness, and social change and planetary healing.

What happens when we make art together? This is such a powerful question! Whether you are making art with your child, your partner, your family, your work team, or your community, you are joining together in service of bringing something new into form, together.

When we communicate with others through the arts, we can see and feel the experience and truth of the other, leading to empathy, tolerance, and authenticity.The arts can serve as a communication bridge across differences of disciplines, personalities and cultures. The arts can serve community building by helping people to discover shared values and purpose and feelings of belonging beneath individual differences of ideas and belief. The arts offer process and language that bridge differences of personality, history and culture. Creative Wisdom Online Training, Lesson Seven

The 3 of us – Tamara, Victoria, Kathleen – paint collaboratively as part of our ongoing business development at Expressive Arts Florida Institute. We paint to make space for new visioning possibilities, to improve our listening and communication, and to keep ourselves fully grounded in the work we believe in so deeply.
We hope you enjoy this video of us painting together, and the rich discussion following! 

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