Certificate Training Program in Intermodal Expressive Arts


Expressive Arts Florida Institute has offered training in the field of intermodal expressive arts since 2011. We provide a two-level Certificate Training program as well as professional development and continuing education for those interested in pursuing the Expressive Arts as a professional path, whether integrating it into an existing career, or beginning a career in the expressive arts field.

Our training program is designed to meet the required training requirement for those interested in pursuing registration through IEATA® (International Expressive Arts Therapy Association) as either a REACE® (facilitator/educator/consultant) or REAT® (clinician/therapist). Please refer to the registration standards and guidelines at ieata.org for more information regarding additional requirements.

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Certificate Training Program

What Sets Us Apart

Why choose us?

Our Intermodal Expressive Arts Certificate Training Program is unique in many ways and is specifically designed to accommodate distance learning students (both domestic and international) and busy schedules. Here are some special features of our expressive arts certificate program:

  • IEATA compliant: Our certificate training program is IEATA (International Expressive Arts Therapy) compliant and provides you with the 200 training hours necessary to pursue professional registration so you can advance your career and provide safe and beneficial experiences and treatments for others.
  • Hybrid Model: Some of our courses are offered via Zoom and some are offered in person which allow you the benefit of doing the majority of your studies from home. Please see “EAFI Course Schedule” below to see which classes are offered online and which classes are offered in person.
  • Expert Faculty: All of our faculty are either REAT® or REACE® certified and are experts in the field of expressive arts. We provide in depth and up to date training so you can feel good knowing you are receiving the most relevant and reliable information.
  • Experiential learning: Our program is experiential in nature, meaning that many of our courses contain hands on learning through discovery, exploration and reflection. This provides you with personal exploration and a thorough preparation for professional practice.
  • 2 Levels: Our training program has 2 levels. You can take 1 or both levels and can take them separately or at the same time allowing you the flexibility to go at your own pace. To learn more about our levels, see the “Program Requirements” tab below.
  • Flexible: Our training program is flexible, meaning you can go at your own pace. You can take one class or many classes at the same time. It is up to you.
  • Monthly 1+1 mentorship: Our mentors are graduates of the training program and experts in the field of expressive arts and provide individualized guidance for you during your studies. You are assigned a mentor depending upon your program track: Therapists/Clinicians on REAT® (Registered Expressive Arts Therapist) or facilitators/consultants on REACE® (Registered Expressive Arts Consultant Educator).
  • Small student: faculty ratio: We have a very small student-faculty ratio so you have personalized attention from instructors.
  • Small class sizes: We offer small class sizes so you have more opportunities to work together, exchange ideas, support one another and build a community.
  • Collaborative teaching style: We co-create and co-facilitate all certificate courses so you get an enhanced learning experience and a diverse perspective on teaching methods, experiences and viewpoints.
  • Rolling admissions: We accept applications at any point throughout the year so you can take your time applying and deciding if this program is the right fit for you.
  • At Home Internships: Your internship can be completed in your own community with full support and feedback from your faculty and peers in an online forum.
Program Requirements


Level 1 is an experiential and didactic learning program, which provides a solid foundation of expressive arts practice. Students become familiar with the Expressive Arts field, and immerse themselves in this work, resulting in the development of a personal practice.

The material covered during Level 1 will include an overview of the field, with applications for individual, group, family, and community wellness and healing, and a series of expressive arts processes that focus on the whole person, including body, mind, and spirit.

Learning during the courses is primarily experiential in nature, and students entering Level 1 should be prepared to do some significant personal work as part of their understanding and knowledge of this field.

Depending on each student’s previous educational and professional background, and their professional goals, they may be ready to begin implementing this work with others, as a facilitator.

Pre-requisite: Creative Wisdom: Introductory Online Training in Expressive Arts

Level 1 Core Courses:

  • EAFI 110: Intermodal Expressive Arts (Dive In)
  • EAFI 120: Body, Mind, Spirit of Expressive Arts
  • EAFI 130: Scope of Expressive Arts

Electives: 10 hours by completing Creative Wisdom and an additional 10 hours of workshops outside of the weekend coursework. These workshops/classes can be taken in the student’s own community or with EAFI.

Mentoring: Monthly mentoring of 1 hour with mentor and quarterly group mentoring with faculty and mentors via Zoom.


This experiential and didactic learning program, further prepares students to facilitate expressive arts with others and create their own professional practice. The material covered during Level 2 focuses on developing facilitation skills, learning the various theoretical approaches and real-world applications, defining the scope and focus of each student’s own expressive arts work, and learning the business strategies, ethics, professional registrations, and resources that assist the student in building a successful expressive arts practice or integrating Expressive Arts into an existing career.

Level Two consists of 3 intensive courses (25 hours each), 20 elective credit hours, and an Internship or Supervised Clinical Practicum. Students will have assignments to complete for each of the courses. The internship, in most cases, will be completed in the student’s home community.

Level 2 Core Courses:

  • EAFI 210: Foundation of Expressive Arts
  • EAFI 220: Expressive Arts in the World
  • EAFI 230: Business and Profession of Expressive Arts
  • EAFI 240 Internship/Final Project OR EAFI 250 Clinical Supervised Practicum (for therapists only)

Electives: 20 hours of workshops outside of the weekend coursework.

Mentoring: Monthly mentoring of 1 hour with mentor and quarterly group mentoring with faculty and mentors via Zoom.

Additional requirements:

Assignments and Readings: Each course will have an assignment, with both a written and an arts component. Levels One and Levels Two each have a required reading list.


All Expressive Arts Florida Institute students will be expected to document their personal and professional processes, both for Level One and Level Two. Specific guidelines for this documentation will be provided in the student handbook.

Documentation will consist of keeping a journal of all processes that are introduced, and personal and professional reactions to these processes. Photos of artwork and related images will be included, as well as handouts, material from elective courses.

Students may apply for Level One or Levels One and Two combined. If accepted into both Levels One and Two, students can begin taking Level Two courses after completing two Level One intensives.


Course Schedule
  • New students are required to complete Welcome Lesson and Lesson 1 of Creative Wisdom: Introductory Online Training in Expressive Arts course prior to first date of attendance. Enrollment is available at any time.
  • Following the COVID-19 pandemic when all courses were delivered online, we are returning to an in-person format for some courses to align with IEATA guidelines for registration for REAT® and REACE®.

Next start date for new students in 2024*:

  • *September 10 with special permission from faculty, newly enrolled students who also complete EAFI 100 Creative Wisdom may begin with EAFI 220 (online)
  • October 15 (in-person)

Core Courses Calendar for 2024-2025 by month:

Course Listing by Course Number:

EAFI 110: Dive In to Intermodal Expressive Arts (Online)

    • April 1-4, 2025 (online)
      • Tuesday 2 pm – 6 pm
      • Wednesday 11 am – 6 pm
      • Thursday 2 pm – 6 pm
      • Friday 11 am – 6 pm

EAFI 120: Expressive Arts Body, Mind, Spirit (Online)

    • January 14-17, 2025 (online)
      • Tuesday 2 pm – 6 pm
      • Wednesday 11 am – 6 pm
      • Thursday 2 pm – 6 pm
      • Friday 11 am – 6 pm

EAFI 130: Scope of Expressive Arts – Individual, Group, Community (in-person)

    • October 14-17, 2025 (in-person)***
      • Tuesday  2 pm-6 pm
      • Wednesday 9 am-6 pm
      • Thursday  9 am-7 pm
      • Friday 9 am-3 pm

EAFI 200: Facilitation Skills of Intermodal Expressive Arts (new required course)

    • February 25-28, 2025 (online)
      • Tuesday 2 pm – 6 pm
      • Wednesday 11 am – 6 pm
      • Thursday 2 pm – 6 pm
      • Friday 11 am – 6 pm
    • October 21-24, 2025 (in-person)
      • Tuesday 2 pm-6 pm
      • Wednesday  9 am-6 pm
      • Thursday 9 am-6 pm
      • Friday 9 am-3 pm

EAFI 220: Expressive Arts in the World (Online)

    • September 9-12, 2025 (online)
      • Tuesday 2 pm – 6 pm
      • Wednesday 11 am – 6 pm
      • Thursday 2 pm – 6 pm
      • Friday 11 am – 6 pm

EAFI 230: Business and Profession of Expressive Arts (Online)

    •  This course is being revised. If you would like more information or are interested in getting on the waitlist for this course, please fill out the form HERE.


Application + Admission Requirements

Expressive Arts Florida Institute welcomes both those who are already familiar with expressive arts and those whose backgrounds are in other disciplines to apply for admission. The following policy applies to all applicants, except where otherwise noted.


Bachelor’s degree or equivalent*

Previous experience or practice in the arts, humanities, human growth and development or related field. If you do not meet these standards, you may be eligible for admission but assigned additional coursework or reading in preparation.

 *Those without a bachelor’s degree who wish to apply must submit an essay of no less than 500 words addressing the ways in which their life and work experience prepares them for this training.


We admit students on a rolling basis so you may apply at any time. However, space in classes is limited so early application is recommended.



To apply, you will need the following documents:

  1. A 3-4 page (double spaced) Autobiographical Essay describing personal and professional goals as well as your experience with Expressive Arts and creativity. (See online application)
  2. Current Resume. Included should be your educational background (colleges and universities attended, A minimum of a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent is required), work experience, and any special skills that may enhance your application credentials.
  3. 2 Letters of Recommendation – one may be from an instructor, professor, or academic advisor and the other may be from a supervisor or colleague. Recommendations must include a signed letter on letterhead from the recommending parties and be submitted via this link: https://wkf.ms/3BFQfim *Recommendations may not be from family or friends.
  4. Official academic transcripts from all institutions attended. Transcripts in a language other than English must be accompanied by a certified English translation. Transcripts must arrive in their official sealed envelopes directly from the educational institution.

*All documents must be in English.

*Incomplete applications will not be processed (rare exceptions may be made depending on which element of the application is missing).

*A non-refundable $200.00 application fee is due upon submission (paid online with application).



Please follow the link here and fill out the “Application for Admission” form.

*Please upload your resume and essay with the application. Your transcripts and letters of recommendation will be submitted separately through a different form. Once the application is complete, an admissions interview with Expressive Arts Florida Institute faculty will be scheduled. (This can be done via Zoom once the application is received and reviewed). 

For questions, email us at admin@expressiveartsflorida.com. 

Tuition Rates & Payment Schedule

Tuition Rates & Payment Schedule

LEVEL ONE Core Courses:

EAFI 100 (Creative Wisdom Self-Study course) $325.00

EAFI 110 $1100.00 

EAFI 120 $1100.00

EAFI 130 $1100.00 

LEVEL TWO Core Courses:

EAFI 210 $1100.00 

EAFI 220 $1100.00 

EAFI 230 $1100.00 

Some courses are offered live online. Each student will receive some specialized supplies in the mail and will be provided with a list of additional supplies to have ready. 

$85/month paid monthly

EAFI 240 (Internship/Final Project) $1150.00

This course includes:

*6 week online forum with individualized feedback and support

*2 group Conference calls.

*EAFI 250 (Supervised Clinical Practicum) $1850

This is offered to students who are practicing mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, or professional counselors. It may be taken by these students either as an alternative to EAFI 240, or, if desired, in addition for EAFI 240.

EAFI Final Certificate Completion Review $250.00  

Our Application Fee: $200.00


Full Payment Option: 1

With this option, full program tuition for all core courses is required to be ”paid in full” 60 days prior to the first course, or when the student registers for their first course if it is within the 60-day period.

Students choosing this option are eligible to receive a 10% discount* on all required core courses.

*10% only applies to core courses. It does not include Creative Wisdom,  Mentoring, Final Certificate Review, or any fees that may arise for classes taken as elective credit or late fees of any kind.

Pay as you Go Option: 2

Registration using the “Pay as you Go Option” is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Due to the flexibility of enrollment in our courses, a student’s registration is fully secured only by paying tuition in full for the course. Since some courses reach maximum capacity, and could be wait-listed, early payment is advised.

*Tuition paid after registration date will incur a late fee of $50.00.

Consult Admissions Office for additional information on possible financial hardship payment plans.

Additional Fees

• Elective Tuition: Total cost for Electives will vary depending on each student’s elective choices, course content, length, and location.

• *Final Certificate Review fee: $250.00

EAFI acknowledges that hardship situations do occasionally occur. Please contact the Financial Liaison to discuss your situation prior to Tuition due dates. We will do everything we can to assist you in your continuation of the program but cannot guarantee a resolution.

Payment plan options will be discussed upon request. Please contact the Admissions Office.

Tuition rates & payment schedule subject to change.

Guiding Principles
  • We believe in the positive power of creativity in every person.
  • We believe that creative practice serves health and wellness.
  • We believe in the holistic nature of Expressive Arts, as it engages the whole person – body/mind/spirit.
  • We embrace the practice of an Intermodal or Integrative Arts approach.
  • We believe that the creative process and art-making itself is healing and transformational.
  • Our approach to interpersonal Expressive Arts work is that of “bearing witness”, so that the person, group, or community may see him/her/itself more clearly and discover new possibilities for healing.
  • Our focus is on the health-giving nature of Expressive Arts.
  • We believe that Expressive Arts can be practiced ethically and effectively in a wide variety of settings by a wide variety of trained practitioners.
  • We believe in, and practice, an experiential learning approach, supplemented by readings, presentations, and written and arts-based assignments.
  • We believe that it is essential for the practitioner of Expressive Arts to be engaged in their own personal Expressive Arts practice.
  • We believe in collaborative and community art making as a path to building relationships, community wellness, and social change and planetary healing.
  • Our work is grounded in the cycles and lessons of the natural world.
  • Our goal is to practice our work within an environmentally sound model that fosters sustainability.
Continuing Education And Professional Development

With a vast web of connections to other expressive arts professionals around the world and a growing list of exceptional graduates, we are honored to provide professional development training and workshops to those seeking to further their own education and practice in expressive arts. We offer continuing education for many of our workshops and training to LMHC, LMFT, LCSW in the state of Florida. If you are seeking CEU’s and live outside of Florida, we will issue a certificate of completion that can be filed for CEU’s in your home state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certificate Training Program Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the program take to complete?  This is up to you. Most students are able to complete the program within 2 years. It is possible to complete the program in 1 year if you take both Levels at the same time. Once you have taken 1 Level 1 course you are eligible to take the Level 2 courses. As of 2026, we will be making some changes in the delivery of our program, so please watch for updates.

What can I do with a certificate in Expressive Arts? What types of careers can graduates of your program enter into? In your personal life, you will be equipped to use expressive arts as a tool for healing, personal growth & self-discovery. In your professional life, you will be equipped to start a new career in expressive arts, incorporate expressive arts into your current career, or combine your expressive arts training with other training & experience you may have. We have graduates in education, mental health, arts in health, entrepreneurship and many more. Some examples of career fields include Arts Specialist, Artist in Residence, Expressive Arts Facilitator, Expressive Arts Coach, Expressive Arts Therapist, Spiritual Director, Art Educator, Community Arts Coordinator, Arts in Health Coordinator, Creative Arts Facilitator, Arts in Health Wellness Coach and more. It really depends on your prior experience and/or other training you may have. Our graduates are in many different career fields and what you decide to do with your training is up to you! Take a look at our Alumni Directory & Alumni Spotlights to see what others are doing.

Can I open my own business after graduating from your program? What you decide to do after completing the program is up to you! We have many students who have started their own businesses upon completion of the program. We offer an elective course called “The Business of Expressive Arts” which will guide you in determining your vision, mission, clientele & opportunities. We do however recommend additional business consultation or training for the specifics of starting and running a business.

Is your program open to mental health professionals only? No. Our program is open to anyone with a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and previous experience or practice in the arts, humanities, human growth and development or related field. If you do not meet these standards, you may be eligible for admission but assigned additional coursework or reading in preparation.

How much does the program cost? If you are completing the Certificate Training Program in full, the tuition is as follows:

  • Level 1 Core Courses: $3625
  • Level 2 Core Courses: $3300
  • Mentoring: $85/month
  • Internship/Final Project: $1150
  • Supervised Clinical Practicum (REAT track only): $1850
  • Final Certificate Completion Review: $250
  • Additional Fees: $200 application fee
  • Elective fees- vary according to student choice 

Can I take all the courses at one time? It depends. You must take 1 Level 1 course before taking any Level 2 courses. You will work with your mentor to decide the best course of action as everyone’s path is a little different..

Can I take just one course? Yes. You can take one Level 1 course without enrolling in the entire program. You will need to start EAFI 100 Creative Wisdom Introductory Training in Expressive Arts as well, as it is a prerequisite to all Level 1 courses.

Can I do the program from a place other than Florida? Yes. Most courses are live online with the exception of 1 course per level which are held in Sarasota, FL.

Can the program be completed 100% online? No. One Level 1 and one Level 2 course are held in Sarasota, FL. They are offered consecutively in October, so you can take both of them in one trip to Florida.

Do I have to go to Florida for the in person classes? Yes. You must travel to Florida at least once for the in–person courses.

Do you offer any scholarships or grants funding? Not at this time but we are currently looking at some options.

Is this an art therapy program? No. This is an intermodal expressive arts certificate training program.

What is the difference between expressive arts therapy & art therapy? Expressive arts therapy is a multimodal approach to therapy (combining different modalities such as visual arts, movement, writing, drama, meditation, sound etc) whereas art therapy draws from a singular modality. 

Will I be able to practice expressive arts therapy by taking your training program? It depends. If you already have training as a mental health professional, or are currently receiving training as a mental health professional, then yes, you can. We do not teach the ‘therapy’ component at Expressive Arts Florida Institute. 

Can I take this program while taking other programs? Yes. That is entirely up to you.

Can I take this program while doing a Masters program? Yes. That is entirely up to you.

Do I have to have a background in art? No. In fact, the majority of our students do not have a background in art, but are interested in the arts as a whole.

Do I have to have a background in therapy? No. We accept students from many different educational backgrounds.

Is this program right for me? We cannot answer this for you. We can only provide insight into the program.

When is the next start date? We offer admissions on a rolling basis. We have 3 start dates per year: January, April & October. Please see the course schedule for more information.

Where can I find the application? You can find the application by clicking on the link here.

What do I need for the application? You can find information about the application process & required materials here. NOTE: Beginning in 2026 we will be making some changes and will be updating the information here soon.

Can the mentoring be completed from my home state/country? Yes. Mentoring is held via Zoom.

Does this program meet IEATA standards for professional registration? Yes. Our certificate training program is IEATA compliant and provides you with the 200 Expressive Arts training hours necessary to pursue professional registration. 

What is REAT? REAT stands for Registered Expressive Arts Therapist. To learn more about professional registration, visit the IEATA website here.

What is REACE? REACE stands for Registered Expressive Arts Consultant Educator. To learn more about professional registration, visit the IEATA website here.

Will I be professionally registered as a REAT or REACE after completing your program? No. Many students come to us seeking a path to professional registration. While our training program provides the 200 expressive arts training hours necessary to pursue professional registration, there are many other requirements including facilitation hours and/or supervision that will need to be completed in addition to training. Please see the IEATA website for more information on professional registration.

Do you accept students outside of the United States? Yes. We have many international students. 

Can I start your program today? Yes. You can get started today by taking EAFI 100: Creative Wisdom Introductory Training in Expressive Arts. This is an 8 week, self-study course that can be completed at your own pace on your own time. It is a prerequisite for the core courses in the training program and provides a well thought out orientation to the field and practice of intermodal expressive arts. It can be taken for personal or professional development. You can enroll in this course without applying for the entire Certificate Training Program. Upon completion you will receive a certificate of completion & CEUs if eligible (mental health practitioners- LMHC, LCSW, LMFT).

Where can I find an outline of the whole training program? You can find an outline on this page.

Can I take the online Certificate Training courses on my own time when I am available? No. The only course available to take on our own time for the Certificate Training Program is EAFI 100: Creative Wisdom. All other courses are LIVE either online or in person.

What are the dates of the courses? Please see the course outline & schedule found here.

What is the best next step to get started in your program? The best first step would be to take EAFI 100: Creative Wisdom Introductory Training in Expressive Arts. This course is an orientation to the field and a prerequisite to our full training program.

Is the certificate non-clinical? Yes. The certificate is non-clinical but can be paired with mental health training for a clinical approach.

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What others say...

Pat B. Allen, PhD., ATR Co-Founder, Open Studio Project; Author: Art is a Way of Knowing, Art is a Spiritual Path, Cronation
"Kathleen, Victoria and Tamara of Expressive Arts Florida Institute are inspiring teachers and worthy guides dedicated to sharing the riches and magic of the expressive arts with others. They are gracious hosts, wonderful models of joyful creative engagement and sparkling artists, and they inspire deep engagement balanced with a whole lot of fun! "
Markus Scott-Alexander, PhD, REAT, Director, World Arts Organization
“I enjoy my association with the Expressive Arts Florida Institute. They have a great balance of professionalism and warmth. I’ve known their work for years and find them to be consistently creative, clear and knowledgeable." Author: Expressive Arts Education and Therapy: Discoveries in a Dance Theatre Lab Through Creative Process-based Research
Mitchell Kossak PhD, LMHC, REAT Professor, Counseling and Expressive Therapies, Lesley University: Author: Attunement in Expressive Arts Therapy
"Expressive Arts Florida Institute is amazing - really top notch faculty and well thought out comprehensive programming. The core faculty have many years of training themselves, and this comes through in their meticulous attention to all aspects of training others including theory and application. I have taught in many places around the world and I always look forward to returning to the Expressive Arts Florida Institute."
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